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who hElp you Do it

who help you do it?哪个地方是错误的应该是:who do help you do it?意思是:是谁帮你做的这个(工作,题目)?注意:特殊疑问句中,语法上,疑问词后边要跟助动词.这里不能判断who是单数还是复数,故助动词用do而不是does.

这是一般疑问句.you是主语think是谓语,who he is 是宾语.前面有倒装了宾语就不用再倒装了

应该是who helps you do itwho,相当于第三出单数,后面的动词用单数形式

是不是linda sundblad 的《oh father》?下面是俺从网上摘的歌词:well i woke up this morning feeling closer than ever to god wish he'd sent me a warning but he forgot, now i feel so bad can you keep it, this dirty secret can you feel me, oh tell me

Love needs not only receiving but also giving. This issue was more like the principle outlined in the book or movie "Pay it Forward" where you do not pay back the person who helped you, but rather help others in need. I have begun to see that

you do 在不同的语境下会有不同的意思,本句的意思是,到底是不是啊?表示对前者所讲的事实持一些怀疑态度而追问

to it?怎么回答 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: Can I help you ?如何回答 答: 如果需要帮忙时说 t be who you are怎么回答这句? 答: 我不能变成你详情>>2 what can you do? 回答 2 3 what can

1.)what is important when going for a job interview?the key words here are just admit that you can't do it.It's much better than be disclosed when you are working.3.)How to



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