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whAt worD Doyou sEE iF i jump into thE wAtEr


waiter 把i加到wait当中就是waiter(服务员)

what do you see 你看到了什么;你看见了什么;你看见什么 例句 1.What do you see as the biggest issues for the U. N. over the next decade? 你认为联合国在下一个十年里将会面临的最大问题是什么? 2.And the king said to her, Have no fe...

what do you see out here 你在这里看到什么

What do you see? 意思就是: 你看到了什么?

由英伦女歌手 JEM (原名 Jemma Griffiths) 演唱的《they》这首歌曾被蔡依林翻唱为 Motorola 广告歌。歌曲诠释的"巴哈F小调前奏曲",搭上孩童合音,结合古典及电子,创造出简洁的优雅美学 歌词 Who made up all the rules We follow them like ...

What Do You See 歌手Dexter Freebish You wake up in the morning and clear your head You sometimes think you'd be better off dead You drive to work in a beat up car You know where you're going but you don't know where you are You...

I see a bird on the tree I see a dog. i see a school I see ............+名词,还有很多

what do you see in the tree 你在树里看到了什么



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