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want you warm meup, 我想要你的温暖 望采纳

want you warm me up 想让你温暖我 want 英 [wɒnt] 美 [wɑ:nt] v.想要; 希望; 打算; 需要…在场 n.需要的东西; 缺少; 贫穷 想要;想;要;需要 复数: wants 过去式: wanted 过去分词: wanted 现在分词: wanting 第三人称单数: wan...

要你先给我热身, 要你先给我做些前奏曲


make sb do排除c take part in 与 join和join in的区别 take part in, join和join in 都有“参加”的意思,可是它们之间还有很大的区别: 1.take part in take part in 意为“参加,参与(某事物或某活动,如movement, revolution, meeting, confe...

我跟你分手了,别恨我,我不想你。。。。i broke up with you not to re(pre)sent me,i don't want you 应该是resent 恨的意思,不是represent 代表的意思

这里是固定搭配 不加to 如: what do you want 望我的回答对您有帮助,祝好! 学习进步哦! 及时采纳,谢谢。

Oooh 哦~~· Oooh 哦~~· Put your make up on 把你的化妆 Get your nails done 让你的指甲 Curl your hair 卷曲的头发 Run the extra mile 多跑一英里 Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you? 保持苗条,所以他们喜欢你,他们喜欢你吗...

Song:If You Want My Love Artist:Loonaif you want it come and get it, come around be my baby. don't fight it, just try me, say the words, I'm so exited. you gotta do it, you gotta prove it, make my day, lift me up and down and...

Phlex-Light Me Up Feat Caitlin Gare Original Mix 我只在网易云音乐找得到,而且下载不了


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