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tuCkED up with

tuck up 折起一头, 卷起, 包; [口]绞死(犯人); 给...盖好被子 e.g. The man tucked up his trousers for wading. 那人卷起裤子,准备涉水

Tears welled up in her eyes. 泪水涌上她的眼眶。 well up V.(眼泪等)涌上,涌现 He tucked her robe well up to her knees. 她把袍子高高卷...

tucked up your sleeves 卷起你的袖子 tucked up your sleeves 卷起你的袖子

可以。 反正一般聊聊天 你爱怎麼讲都行 (语法正确,听的懂就好) I'm already tucked up in bed也行,或者就说 I'm already in bed.


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