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用There are造句翻译:燃着的房子前,有很多消防员在救火。5.There are ten of the thousands of people lose their life in that earthquake.

谁用these are造句看看?举例。回答:These are some apples on the table.

用there are造句10个are some trees in front of the park.There are some hamburgers on the table.There are some chairs in the classroom.

these are造句加中文she's a very patient,她是个很有耐心的人。

these are造句答案是:these are my books 这些是我的书 these are my friends 这些是我的朋友 ☞♧手工翻译☀尊重劳动&#

thisis.Thatis.theseare.Thoseare英语造句This is a pen. (这是一支笔)That is a bird. (那是一只鸟)These are my friends. (这些(人)是我的朋友)Those

用There are造句要5句,并且要写出意思,1..There are five books in my bag.在我的书包里有五本书.2.There are some cakes in

用These is和These are各造五个句子These is a rabbitThese is a bird These is a dog 解析看不懂?免费查看同类题视频解析

用There are造句There are some apples on the table.There are some books on the desk.There are some

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