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submitted v.顺从( submit的过去式和过去分词 ); 听从; 屈服; 甘受; 【例句】 Tepco submitted the report on its plan for fukushima daiichi in 2002. 东电在2002年提交了自己对福岛第一核电站的方案。

submitted 提交

是submit的过去式 submit: 1.(常与to连用)服从,顺从;使降服 2. 提出,提交 I submitted my papers to the examiner. 我把试卷交给主考老师。 I hope you can submit you term papers before the deadline. 我希望你们能在最后限期之前交上你...

供参考 意思是﹕申请已递交 意译是﹕已收到申请 submitted 已呈交﹐已递交 通常在按链把资料上传後 出现的通知


be submitted to 被提交 submit vt.使服从;使屈服;提交;递交;认为 vi.屈从 例句 用作及物动词 (vt.) We will submit ourselves to the court's judgement. 我们服从法庭的判决。 We have to submit ourselves to discipline. 我们必须遵守纪...

submitted v. 递交;主张;屈服(submit的过去分词)

it is submitted that 据认为 例句 1.The prerequisite, necessity and legality to create ICTR are analyzed throughhistorical survey, and it is submitted that the disregard of history by ICTR isinconducive to the maintenance of pea...

Submitted for publication 提交出版 双语对照 例句: 1. When you undertake a cochrane review, the protocol must be completed and submitted for publication before moving on to the review stage. 当你撰写cochrane综述时,在综述阶段(r...

亲,有区别的。submitted是投稿成功,然后经过编辑初审(with editor),进入到under review状态,也就是专家外审。


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