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shArE to啥意思?有这个用法?

share to 是承担/给予

作为动词 意为 分享 共享 分担 动词过去式: shared 过去分词: shared 现在分词: sharing 第三人称单数: shares 例 May I share your umbrella? 我可以和你公用一把伞吗? We'll share the toys. 我们将会分享玩具 初中,这样子就够了吧..

share的基本含义是分享.名词或者动词.下面是动词的含义:1 share (sth) (with sb) have or use (sth) with others; have (sth) in common 与别人共有或合用(某物); 在(某方

译文:他们各自拥有自己的烦恼.share的用法 名词 n. 份 the part belonging to a person I'll bear my share of the expenses. 我愿意承担我那一份费用. Here is your share of the cake. 这是你的一份蛋糕. Everyone can do his share for

分享, 参与, 分担 He wished we were there to share in his joy.他希望我们也在寻聊共享他的喜悦.

However的用法主要有以下两点: (一)用作连接副词,相当于no matter how,引导 however small (it is), than share a room. 无论房间多么小,我宁愿一个人住一间,而

share sth with sb 与某人分享某物 share to 是承担/给予 两者用法不同,含义有所区别 share with 1.音标 英 [ wi] 美 [r w] 2.含义 与…分享[合用];把(自己的感受)告诉(某人); 3.例句 I think I will always have my opinions and

sharewith的意思是分派、分配、分享,强调两人共同享有.例句:I'd like to share with you what I think about this.我想和大家讲讲我对这个问题的看法.Now, let me share with you some of the skills needed to bar candidates.现在,让我来为大

share n.共享, 参与, 一份, 部分, 份额, 参股 vt.分享, 均分, 共有, 分配 vi.分享

share 名词,分享,共享,分担,参与,一份,部分,份额,参股,股份,及物动词,分享,分担,均分,工友,分配,不及物动词,分享,分担.


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