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这题我不是太懂,和你分享一下.译为:因为对追求的目的有深入内在的卓越理念,我们中的大部分人得以撑过法定教育的艰苦.without having现在分词做原因状语.

Today is my first day at senior high school. Everything seems new to me---- new school, new teachers and new classmates. I was arranged to sit at the third row in the class. The classmate next to me i

difficult是形容词.常用用法是it is difficult for us to do sth.dufficulty是名词.常用用法 undergoing the rigors of prison; 经受严酷的监狱生活; withstood the vicissitudes of

It主 insists谓 that economic coordination should involve all 27 members of the EU club宾语从句, among whom there is a small majority for free-market liberalism and economic rigors定语从句; in the inner core alone, Germany fears, a small

日常生活英文:Daily life.造句:1. I am sustained by letters of support and what people say to me in ordinary daily life.这些支持的信件和人们每天对我的鼓励一直支撑着我.2. Does such an attitudinal change reflect real experiences in daily life?人

rigor 英['rg] 美[r] n. 严密; 严格; 严酷; (由惊吓或中毒等导致的身体) 僵直; [例句]In this process, the use of more factual arguments and data to enhance the article rigor and persuasiveness.在这一过程中,运用了较多的事实论据和数据资料,增强了文章的严谨性和说服力.[其他] 复数:rigors

One of the consequences of America's involvement in the Vietnam war,was the (Dang Quoc Thinh Tran),in 1990.The film lingers on the rigors of the voyage:the sampan,the


gone fishing去钓鱼双语对照词典结果:百科释义游戏简介Gone Fishing(钓鱼去)v1.4.9一款画面相当唯美的钓鱼休闲娱乐游戏,具有逼真的物理钓鱼引擎,喜zhidao欢钓鱼的朋友可以感受一下这款游戏给你带来的乐趣吧,平时不用出去池塘,江边,河边一样专能给你带来一个身临其境的钓鱼乐趣. 有100多种真正的现有鱼类,许多属不同的鱼塘和50多个类型的诱饵的品种! 感受真正的渔夫的兴奋和喜悦,钓鱼!-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

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