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rEsign和 quit work的区别

在辞职这个意思上区别很小,一般resign是主动辞职的意思,不过引咎辞职也是用这个,像The general resigned his commission 而quit是被迫放弃,强迫辞职。

区别不难从下面的用法看出来: resign vt. 1. 放弃,辞去 The general resigned his commission. 将军辞去了他的职务。 2. 把...托交给,委托[(+to/into)] She resigned her children to the care of her sister. 她把孩子交给她妹妹照管。 3. 使...

quit,辞工,多用于口语。 fire 炒鱿(解雇), resign 辞职

1. resign 作不及物动词,解释,辞职:All the other ministers have resigned as well. 2. resign from: They are intending to resign from the committee. 3. 作及物动词,解释:辞去(职务):He resigned his post as game-keeper. 希望对...


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