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repercussion英 [ri:pkn] 美 [ri:prkn]n.弹回,返回; 反响,影响; (光、声等的)反射; 浮动诊胎法回声;反响;弹回;击回复数: repercussions派生词:repercussive双语例句1. After being put out, service has received

di,rest 其实是休息的意思 分开记住然后和在一起 就好记了The family is in dire need.这个家庭极为贫困收藏A pestilence or dire disease.痘疫或者可怕的疾病收藏A dire economic forecast;dire threats.紧急经济预报;严重威胁收藏A strike that had dire repercussions.反响可怕的罢工

aftermath后果:结果,尤指灾难或不幸事件的后果:famine as an aftermath of drought.in the aftermath of war.repercussion一个人或物对另外一个人或物施加的强烈影响.” 反响,后果相当于impact, His resignation will have serious repercussions on/for the firm. the endless repercussions of living on credit.

What makes a Real Hero?A person can be a hero by having inner strength, and a resolve to make the world a better place. They can do small things to help others, or larger scale things to help many people in the world. People who volunteer their

这个题had后面跟的是名词,further是修饰的名词.如果单独说一个动词,那么,系动词后面可以跟名词、形容词.使役动词后面可以跟名词.动词可以由形容词修饰.介词后面跟名词,the nothwest表示方位的名词.the+形容词=名词.

《猪人》 the pigman and its sequel the pigm an's legacy written by the american nove list paul zindel reflect the growing process of two young adults through special narrative perspectives. 美国作家保罗金代尔的早期少年小说《猪人》及其姐妹篇《猪人的遗产》通过独特的叙述视角,艺术地再现了青少年身心的成长发展,展现了他们成长过程中的焦虑与彷徨.

unjust [英]ndst [美]ndst adj. 不公平的copy;非正义的;不讲信用的2113[例句]The financial crisis and its repercussions have been horribly unjust.金融危机的产生及其后5261果都是4102很不公平的.z祝你愉快,满意请采1653纳哦

shed light on为…提供线索; 对…透露情况; 使…清楚地显出; 阐明…; 例句:1.The work is also expected to shed light on intriguing studies that suggest how we livetoday can have striking repercussions for the health and behaviour of ourgrandchildren. 这项工作也有望阐明一些有趣的研究,如我们今天的生活方式将对子孙的健康和行为产生哪些显著的影响.

pull back 中文意思:拉回; 撤回;(使)(某人,尤指一组士兵)撤出阵地 读音:英 [pul bk] 美 [pl bk] 用法示例如下:1、The four grey horses took them back to the castle.四匹灰马把他们拉回城堡.2、The platoon pulled back to safety.

publication、publishment、publishing的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1.publication意思:公布;发表2.publishment意思:发行3.publishing意思:出版,出版业,出版社 二、用法不同1.publication用法:基本含义有二


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