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purChAsing oFFiCEr是什么意思

purchasing officer采购员purchasing[英][p:ts][美][p:rts]n.购买,采购; v.购买( purchase的现在分词 ); 购买东西; 例句:1.The internet encourages purchasing decisions based only on price. 互联网鼓励人们仅仅依据价格做出购买决定.2.Decreasing the purchasing power of chinese consumers decreases domesticconsumption. 削弱中国消费者的购买力降低了国内消费


eting and Sales(市场与销售部分) Vice-President of Sales 销售副总裁 Senior Customer Manager 高级客户经理 Sales Manager 销售经理 Regional Sales Manager 地区销售经理

采购部主管 Purchasing Officer会所采购部主管 purchasing supervisor采购部库房主管 Treasury Department purchases competent

标准翻译:F&B Manager (Food & Beverage Manager)

1.执行董事兼财务总监Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer 2.副董事长兼总经理Vice Chairman and Managing Director 3.董事兼副董事长助理Vice Chairman and Assistant Director 4.董事兼采购部副经理Vice Chairman and Purchasing Assistant Manager 5.名誉董事Honorary Directors 6.科研顾问Research Consultant

CEO(Chief Executive Officer)首席执行官 COO(Chief Operations Officer)首席运营官 CFO(Chief Financial Officer)首席财务官CIO(Chief Information Officer)首席信息官 HRD(Human Resource Director)人力资源总监 OD(Operations Director)运营总

人事培训经理 P&T Manager酒店各职位中/英文对照董事长 Board Chairman (Director) 董事总经理Managing Director经济师Economist首席会计师 Chief Accountant总经理General Manager副总经理Deputy General Manager (Vice)驻店经理

1 purchaser2 executive director,chief engineer3 general manager 4 vice-general manager5 after service engineer6 technical secretary


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