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nEw proDuCt 和nEws proDuCt的区别

new product release 意为 新产品发行。 product [英][ˈprɒdʌkt][美][ˈprɑ:dʌkt] n.产品; 乘积; 结果; 作品; 复数:products 双语例句: 1 Without knowing what the product is? 而且不知道产品是什么? 2 If only we...

that 修饰news的

product 英 [ˈprɒdʌkt] 美 [ˈprɑ:dʌkt] 词性:n. 名词 解释:产品;乘积;结果;作品 例句: A series of technical foul-ups delayed the launch of the new product. 一系列技术问题延误了新产品的上市。 Editorially, ...

Post a New Offer 是传递一个新的请求Add a New Product 是添加一个新的产品


launch a new product 推出新产品;投放新产品;发行新产品 例句 1.The company plans to launch a new product. We need to discuss the development strategy. 公司预计要推出新产品,我们要讨论产品开发策略。 2.We'd like you to attend the...


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES 新产品的推出 例句: 1. A hike in advertising spending from carmakers highlights the resumption of newproduct launches this year. 汽车制造商广告支出骤增也表明,今年各厂商正陆续恢复新产品的投放。 2. Despite it...

新产品发展计划 [例句]Organizing and planning new product development plan and execution. 组织和策划新产品的研发计划和执行。 望采纳O(∩_∩)O~~



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