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如果这里的过去式,前面还有主语的话,1楼的就可以.如果hosted是过去分词做形容词修饰 lectures的话,就是有主持人参与的演讲(座谈会.

介词后面加宾语 宾语就是名词罢了.只不过有点形式不同.prep.(介词)+n.(一般的名词如car,dog就顺便加) prep.+人称(代词改成宾语的格式,简称为传说中的宾格) 即him his her us them it等.prep.+动名词(顾名思义,此时动词已不再

adv. 向前地;作用中,行动中;继续着prep. 向,朝……;关于;在……之上;在……时候adj. 开着的;发生着的,正在进行中

Attend lecturesna.听讲 参加讲座;上教授的课;出席讲课例句筛选1.This is the classroom where we often attend lectures.这是我们常上课的教室.2.Participants in the short-term course attend lectures, have discussions, thatsort of thing.短训班的学员听课、讨论以及进行其他类似的活动.

lecture英 [lekt(r)] 美 [lkt] n.演讲; 训斥,教训; vi.作演讲; vt.给…作演讲; 教训; (通常是长篇大论的) [例句]The lecture was a bit over their heads. 这演讲过于深奥了一点,他们不能理解. [其他]第三人称单数:lectures 复数:lectures 现在分词:lecturing 过去式:lectured 过去分词:lectured 形近词: picture vectura lectual

谓语应该是根据the subject选择的

1. N-COUNT 可数名词(通常指大学或学院里的)演讲,讲座,讲课 2. VERB 动词(就…)作演讲(或讲座) 3. VERB 动词训诫;教训 4. Lecture is also a noun. Our captain gave us a stern lecture on safety. 船长就安全问题严厉地训斥了我们一顿.

There are two main styles of teaching in university nowadays which are Lectures and Disccusions. A lecture consists of usually one lecturer and a large group of students. The lecturer can make use of various multi media tools such as projector which

全会讲座 的意思

give lectures give lectures [释义]讲学; [例句]I'm going to give lectures in Jiaotong University. 我将到交通大学讲学. -------------------------------如有疑问,可继续追问,如果满意,请采纳,谢谢.


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