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lEAvE sB with sth什么意思及同义词

leave sb with sth 中文意思:让某人做某事 例句 Present sb with sth= present sthto sb. 送给某人某物,向某人赠送某物。 同义词:Make sb. Do sth. 使某人做某事 例句 如果您想要做某事,使他脱离街道。 If you want to do something, get him ...

leave 英[li:v] 美[liv] vt. 离开; 遗弃; 忘了带; 交托; vt. 离去; 出发; 舍弃; n. 准假; 假期; 辞别; 许可; [例句]He would not be allowed to leave the country 他可能会被禁止离开该国。 同义词近义词: go to 、clear off、 depart from、d...

correlate with 1 互相关联,相互有关系 Form and meaning correlate with each other. 形式与意义互有关联 2 使… 产生关联 The average salary is correlated with length of education. 平均薪俸与教育时间之长短有互相的关联

be aligned with翻译: be aligned with 对齐, 与...保持一致 be aligned with同义词: Consistent with

struggle with 英[ˈstrʌɡl wið] 美[ˈstrʌɡəl wɪð] [词典] 与…打架,与…斗争; 在内心与(自己、自己的良心等)进行斗争; [例句]He is currently locked in a power struggle with his Prime Minister. ...

give sb a hand to do sth do sb a favour

be associated with与......有关 同义词 be related to in relation to regarding ... in association to ... in linkage to ... be linked to .... adjoining ... be connected tp be conncened with sth

have problem with 在…(方面)有问题; 同义词:In... (aspect) there is a problem 例句: You should have no problem with reading this language. 阅读这种语言你应该没问题。 But our research shows that job interviewers have no proble...

share sth with sb同义词。与某人分享某事 例子:i want to show you with my new bag!我想跟你分享我的新包包。show sb withshare sth with sb:i want to share my new bag with you我想跟你分享我的新包包

get sth.across to sb 把某事对某人讲清楚(让某人理解) 同义词组是make sb understand sth


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