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你好!how do they feel他们感觉如何仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

你的私信求助我回答了,这里贴出(并补充)做记录:intriguing 和 interesting 有区别,前者不仅有 interesting 的含义,还表示奇妙,神秘,和耐人寻味.例句:interesting people excite me, but intriguing people make me uncomfortable.

be intriguing by sth前指的是某物,be intrigued by sth前指的是某人.

你的私信求助我回答了,这里贴出(并补充)做记录:intriguing 和 interesting 有区别,前者不仅有 interesting 的含义,还表示奇妙,神秘,和耐人寻味.例句:Interesting people excite me,but intriguing people make m

意思是:引人入胜的、扣人心弦的、非常强烈的、不可抗拒的、令人信服的;强迫;、迫使、使必须、引起(反应). 1、读音:英 [kmpel] 美 [kmpel] .2、词性:动词和形容词.3、常用短语:compelling evidence 有说服力

how do they feel?他们感觉如何?双语例句1How do they feel about the fallout the Japanese suffered?他们是否体会到日本遭受的核辐射的痛苦?2The sub-title of the book was intriguing: “ People talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do. ”这本书的副标题很吸引人:“人们畅谈每日工作及感受.”

1、英文的意思: value-additivity 价值可加性 value-additivity 价值可加性2、在计算机领域一般是可数可加性(可列可加性)一类弗雷歇德空间集值测度的拉东尼科迪姆定理

我猜你可能打错词了intriguing 形容词 迷人的,引起好奇的 intrigue 密谋.激起兴趣intrude 动词 强使;闯入

I had a very happy vacation this winter.I do my homework every morning,and after that my grandmother and I go to the supermarket for shopping.We buy meat,vegetable,eggs and sugar.On the way home,I always help my grandmother to carry heavy



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