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total 形容词 in total 名词 精锐周浦

in general 一般来说 in common 和…有共同之处;公有 in place 得其所;适当的 in total 全部;完全

together强调一起,共同,同时。eg:You cannot have both together.(译为:你不能二者兼得。) in all强调总共,全部,所有的。有一个电影的名字就叫IN ALL INNOCENCE.(译为:所有人都知道。) up to强调忙于,达到(某数量、规格等),多达;直到...


是in total = totally 总的,总之

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh my god I think I'm freaking out Too many drinks too many rounds I'm in the clouds no coming down Oh dude ...

you are totally ingoring my feelings >你完全忽视我的感受

I've got a point in my life where I am smart enough to dive into an area that is totally unknow. 这个句子里面有两个定语从句, 第一个...




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