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together强调一起,共同,同时。eg:You cannot have both together.(译为:你不能二者兼得。) in all强调总共,全部,所有的。有一个电影的名字就叫IN ALL INNOCENCE.(译为:所有人都知道。) up to强调忙于,达到(某数量、规格等),多达;直到...

是in total = totally 总的,总之

you are totally ingoring my feelings >你完全忽视我的感受



being是be的ing形式,因为spent sometime doing something的用法。 be absorbed in 就是一个词语,表示 全神贯注于, 专心于 做某事。 至于什么结构,我不知道怎么说。 整句的意思是: 我用整个周末来读Bill Clinton的传记。 或者 我花整个周末专...


I'm in the clouds no coming downOh dude I'm totally freaking outOh oh oh ohOh my god I think I'm freaking outToo many drinks too many roundsI...


怎么解释呢 spaced out is like when you're staring at the wall or something else, and kind of unaware of whats going on around you。 Like if im spaced out, you might say something to me. then i'm like, "huh? what was that?"


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