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in thE FuturE造句

i want to be a teacher in the future.我将来想做一个老师.anything can happen in the future.未来一切都可能发生.

He does not care in the least what will happen in the future.他对以后发生什么事一点也不在乎.His mind was at ease and he felt confident in the future.他心情舒畅, 对前途很有信心.There will be serious pollution in Shanghai in the future. 将来的

i want to be a doctor in the future.在将来我想成为一个医生.


in future 今后,从今以后 in the future 在将来

1、My hope is that, in the future, I will go over there and marry her.2、We expect better of you in the future.3、In the future the machines will need spare parts and maintenance.

例:1. I will make friends with him in the future.我想我将来会和他做朋友.2. Maybe you will make friends with me in the future.没准你将来会和我成为朋友呢. 造句时要注意的是:3. in the future是将来的事情,所以所造句子应该用一般将来时will;4. 首字母要大写;5. 句尾要加标点符号.

We must study hard in future.

Our life will change greatly in the future.In the future, every family will own at least one computer, with which we can shop online without going out. That is really fantastic. Also, robots will be employed by every family. They can help do much of the

before now in the future用这几个关键词造句?bj

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