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in summer holiday。 on holiday是固定搭配,表示“在度假”,而不是过暑假的意思,in表示在一段时间之内,与“在暑假里”相匹配。 on holiday 英[ɔn ˈhɔlədi] 美[ɑn ˈhɑlɪˌde] adv. 在度假; [例句]She has gone on...

in the summer holiday,表示在一段时间之内用in,具体指某一天用on

Last term, I graduated from primary school. It means that I will be a junior school student next term. I am looking forward to my school life in the new school. Likewise, it means that this summer holiday is my last summer holi...

summer holiday表示暑假,美国学校和我们一样,也有寒暑假,时间上也差不多,而且他们还有春假。 in summer holiday,则表示在暑假的这段时间。语法中,表示较长的时间段前面是用介词in, 比如in a week, in May等。

是两个题目任选一个吧!? I like summer hiloday ,because i can do many interesting and meaningful things during this time. Every day in the morning i will always go to the palyground near my house to play basketball for some ti...

是in summer holiday on holiday是固定搭配,表示“在度假”,而不是过暑假的意思 in表示在一段时间之内,与“在暑假里”相匹配

Such a good time we had in summer holidays What a good time we had in the summer holidays

用 in summer holiday 或者 during summer holiday 用on,通常是 on holiday, on vacation

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . children are boating —in summer holiday

小题1:C小题2:D小题3:D小题4:D小题5:C 试题分析:这是一篇关于美国教育体制的一篇说明文,文中简要介绍了美国的高中和大学的学业制度。小题1:根据the first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June.描述...


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