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嗤椎佃侭低壷mion 公鹿壷嗤低biong 涙戦直釦曳r諺 椎公諺戦込阻戦 刃逸參晴響 凸侭鹿惚諺蒙戦諺 低參処亜算晴mion 栖公嬉售慢mion 坪尾惜当効禽 椎阻戦諺 駆qio嬉宅jio謎直 阻絶尾惜襖嬉 如諺公駆袋參諺 雑晴致致侭謹(雑晴致侭謹) 諺阻

晩猟 First Love 恬簡 Utada Hikaru 恬爆 Utada Hikaru 濛 嚴謹弥 ヒカル 恷朔のキスは タバコの flavor がした ニガくてせつない磴 苧晩の書矧には あなたはどこにいるんだろう 豊を襪辰討襪鵑世蹐 You are always gonna be my love いつか.

艇芦電載謹淀爆侃tryna敗函艇議伉壜 貫隆寔嗤塰賑,音嬬隆奚容霞 泌採握 泌採握 艇嗤喟垓短嗤隔偬議載謹頭震 嶬敖謁叔tryna議祉鹿万 泌採握 泌採握 匯昼嶝艇壓宸戦 葎焚担艇壓

宸戦頁晩猟井,昆猟議孀音欺 Somebody to love Can you hear meSomebody to love somebody to loveAnd I know she can hear me sayI want somebody to love somebody to loveNo I won't stop until she's with meOh~牢匆 禦ho 牢 What's Luv握釦釦

署拭倔ゞHow Can I Love You〃梧簡鍬咎: How Can I Love You 低岑祇宅 斑厘議伉嬬厚薮除低議伉 嬬鯲匈┸伉跚宅 How Can I stay with you 厮将蝕兵阻 厘祥涙隈唯峭 尠蝕凛商茸决心欺議 畠何脅頁低 oh love Everyday I will give you all of

You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heartNever really had luck, couldn't never figure outHow to loveHow to loveYou had a lot of moments that didn't last foreverNow you in the corner tryna put it togetherHow to loveHow to loveFor a second you

Close your eyes, make a wish 液貧凛,俯倖垳 And blow out the candlelight 患賂政幤 For tonight is just your night 咀葎書匚峪奉噐低 We're gonna celebrate, all thru the night 厘断勣伯廝,屁匚 Pour the wine, light the fire 宜貧焼,泣貧諮 Girl your

鶴櫛畢儘宮栽蟹妖someone like youwhen we said hello did my feelings show?i know you didn't mean to break my heartbut when you left, it tore my world apartthough it's been so long, it's hard to carry oni still have to tell myself each day that i'm over

an empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart, i'm all alone and the rooms are getting smaller. 芦 芦橡悶 棒弖蒙, 芦 芦橡悶 挫帽, 偶 朔 咀琵議 沢(低宸戦富阻匯倖簡) 込蒙, 握捗 按 阻促n 鯵 議 秘朕帽 唖 乎油 棒竪阻. i wonder

廉囃槻頃議my love嶄猟咄咎 weistlife My love旅望蒙栖険 択晴鯵壷噸戻望弖鯵壷噸戻挫望駆咋爽琵議択込鯵暢駆霜犯霜晩亜公油望暢責櫛握螺議隅翌握螺議隅挫鯵螺議隅旅犯隅亜犯晩旅込犯防晩旅稗夕公犯隅填匆鯵議天 択晴鯵断咋競虻倹收猟隅旅萩倹駆晴犯仟晩朴窟朴握廉駆戦遊噸跡櫛鯵議朔噸択彈晩旅潘致犯隅旅隅犯望個望亜音其夕廉喩螺棒駆功択晴天猟廉望鯵議笥望夕笥望夕傾議駆噸跡帽握晴涙犯蝶望蒙旅隅犯継晩亜鯉堽夕廉喩螺棒駆効択晴


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