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Everyone has his hobby,for me,my favourite hobby is reading.let me tell you how I became interested in this hobby.I was started to reading when I was five years old.But,at first , I wasn't knew word, I only can read the draws in book.These draws all

题目应该是my hobby 吧, My hobby Everyone has hobby. For me, I like reading very much, which is my favourite thing. 每个人都有爱好.对我来说,我非常喜欢读书,是我最喜欢做的事情.When I was four or five years old, I got the gift of books

不好意思,纠正下,不是hoppy 是 hobby. my hobby every body has many hobby.now,i want to tall you my hobby.i like singing,because song sound very beautiful.and i like dacing too.i watch tv every day,there have many interesting show.novel is my


hoppy 啤酒花的 【摘要】 hoppy 啤酒花的 hops 蛇麻子〔调味品〕 hop (s) oil 酒花浸出油;蛇麻花油〔增香剂〕 hordein 大麦醇溶蛋白 hordenine 大麦芽碱;对二甲氨乙基苯酚


[美] ['hpi] [英] ['hpi] n. 吸毒成瘾者 adj. 蛇麻草的;啤酒花的;跳动的 [短语] hoppy 啤酒花的;这种蛇麻草的苦味体现为草本植物 Hoppy SD 嗜好 hoppy basketball 业余篮球活动

Praised the greatest joy is mom, today I help my mother clean the health, serious finish their homework, review of the new curriculum, my mother came back to work, poured a glass of water for her mother, said "mother you luckily bitter", my mother praised me, I feel I am very happy,

happy是高兴hobby是个人爱好你那是错别字 你该不会打错了吧

my hobby is really colorful.fo example,i like hanging out with my friends,fishing,taking photos and so on.i like taking photoshop best when i was free.because i think it's very relaxing.i can forget all my problems when i am taking photos.last week,my


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