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hEArts on FirE的中文歌词

will young-hearts on fire 心如火焚 Hey, maybe I'm lost I'm overwhelmed Out of this place. 嘿,或许我迷失了吧 就在这里, 终于,我不堪重负了 Like a boy, lost in the rain When I hear your name And I see your face 听到你的名字, ...

John Cafferty - Hearts On Fire (Rocky IV) Silent darkness creeps into your soul and removes the light of self-control the cave that holds you captive has no doors burnin' with determination to even up the score Chorus: hearts o...

some other time some other place we might not ´ve ´bin here standin´ face to face i just wanna tell ya made up my mind you know i can´t help the way i feel inside oh this heart´s on fire right from...

英文原文: hearts on fire 英式音标: [hɑːt] [ɒn] [ˈfaɪə] 美式音标: [hɑːrt] [ɑn] [faɪr]



歌曲名:Heart'S On Fire (2006 Digital Remaster) 歌手:John Cafferty 专辑:Rocky Balboa: The Best Of Rocky Artist: Hammerfall Song: Hearts On Fire We saw the writings on the wall When heathens ruled above us all Tormented, we still...

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