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hE is my mothEr's mothEr怎样改错

mother 是母亲mother‘s mother 是妈妈的妈妈,也就是奶奶。奶奶的英文是grandmother。奶奶是女的,所以不可以用he,he 是男的他。女的要用she。 所以完整的应该是:She is my grandmother. 或者口语一些:She is my grandma.

Mrs wang is my mother。MISS 是未婚女性,年轻小姐。

uncle 改为aunt bothers改为sisters

Miss一般称呼未婚女性,Mis是称呼已婚女性的,所以应该改为Mis Wang.

这篇短文的开头处的句子是错的,应该把for改为at。 be good at是一个形容词短语,表示“擅长”的意思,如: Dad was good at sports, wasn't he? I am good at English, and so is he. He was very good at writing poems.

My mother`s birthday is in May.

Today is Mother's day . I haven't seen my mother for two months since I left home last time .My mother is a doctor and always busy with her work .When I was a child, my mother sent me to live with my grandparents,who lived in a...

what is tom mother like?修改病句 What is Tom's mother like? 名词所有格的用法 汤姆的妈妈什么样子?

who is this mother? 这个妈妈是谁? 没错 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

2 ts in babysitting, otherwise, it is good it is seldom use the word 'babysitting' with the word 'mother'. it is use with other family member word like 'father', 'brother' or 'sister'. It is more common to use the word phrase '...


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