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freshwater [英][frew:t(r)][美][frwt, -wt] adj.淡水的; 内陆的; n.淡水; 内河; 淡水湖; 形近词:Freshwater 双语例句 1 Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Europe 巴拉顿湖,欧洲最大的淡水湖2 A few days later

mineral water 是能喝的矿泉水,如:农夫山泉等. fresh water 是淡水,海中的水,不一样.mineral water英[minrl w:t] 美[mnrl wt] na. 矿泉水,矿质水; [例句]The high quality mineral water has passed the state-level

中文: 淡水; 食水 | 德语: süwasser | 英语: fresh water | 西班牙语: agua dulce | 法语: eau douce | 日语: 淡水 | 韩语: | 俄语: пресная вода | a lame duck :不能继续任职的人

清水新鲜的水为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

packaged fresh-water generator 总装式淡水制造装置 marine fresh water generator 船用海水淡化装置 fresh water generator 造淡水机 fresh-water generator 制淡水装置 vacuum boiling type fresh-water generator 真空蒸发式淡水发生器

fresh water 分开读就可以啦!是淡水的意思!

Global Shortage of Fresh WaterMany people believe that the world's supply of fresh water will never be used up. They think that fresh water comes from such a variety of sources that it is always sufficient for use. Such an opinion leads to shocking

Fresh water is what we use to drink.淡水就是我们常喝的水, what在这里做表语


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