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forsake 英[fəˈseɪk] 美[fərˈseɪk] vt. 放弃,舍弃; 断念; (坏习惯) 摒弃;

歌曲名:High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) 歌手:Frankie Laine 专辑:Greatest Hits Do Not Forsake Me Frankie Laine Do not forsake me,oh my darling by Frankie Laine Do not forsake me,oh my darling On this our wedding day Do not forsake ...

“放弃”的四种不同写法: 1、GIVE UP Give up的意思是认输、停止努力。 比如某宅男看到女神躺在高富帅的怀里,就留下一句“祝你幸福”转身走开,这就...

Bye bye beautiful Finally the hills are without eyes最终山丘不被注视 They are tired of painting a dead man's face red疲于绘画亡者的红脸 With...


never leave or forsake 不离不弃 例句: 1. This doesn't mean that you must quit your job or forsake your family. 这并不意味着你必须放弃你的工作或家庭。 2. Stay away or leave credit cards at home. 外出时把信用卡放在家里吧。

同义词 forsake 反义词 maintain 请参考。



Make memories we knew would never fade 我明白这是永远不会消逝的回忆 One day my father he told me 有一天父亲对我说 Son, don*t let this ...


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