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findings [英]['fandz][美]['fandz] n.发现物( finding的名词复数 ); 调查(或研究)的结果; (陪审团的)裁决; 例句:1.These findings have some experts concerned. 一些专家很关心这些发现.2.The findings may surprise you. 报告结果可能会让你大吃一惊.

1、零件 2、发现 如满意请采纳,若您还有其他疑问请追问.拍友互助:简新 在线为您解答.


physical findings:物理发现;检查结果例句:1、Accurately assess and interpret physical findings.正确评估和说明身体检查结果.2、After careful examination and evaluation, diagnostic uncertainty can remain.Some patients may have equivocal

1. 经验研究结果2. 经验发现例句:1.Analyzing consumer-product graphs: empirical findings and applications inrecommender systems. 分析消费产品图表:实证研究结果及其在推荐系统中的应用.2.Empirical findings can be used as valuable information for tourismpolicymakers and business managers. 实证结果讨论可提供管理阶层以及政策制定者价值资讯.

审核中的findings observation代表结果观察的意思


audit findings[法]审计结果; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Discussed with external auditors on scope of audit and audit findings. 与外聘核数师讨论核数范围及所得结果.2.The objective and unbiased justice requires that the handling of certified publicaccountants to audit findings misstatement. 客观公正要求注册会计师无偏见的处理审计中发现的错报.

销售量减退的原因regression findings并不是服装英语的专利.

finding [英]fand [美]fand n.发现物;研究结果;调查(或研究)的结果;律(陪审团的)裁决 v.发现( find的现在分词) [例句]But many small businesses are finding it hard to get financing in today 's market.但许多小企业正发现很难在今天的市场上获得融资.


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