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flight是名词 fight过去式、过去分词fought


fight的过去式是fought. 这是一个不规则的动词.

不规则变化动词表: 原形 过去式 过去分词 be was/were been begin began begun bring brought brought buy bought bought catch caught caught come came come cut cut cut do did done draw drew drawn drink drank drunk drive drove driven eat

动词过去式,过去分词不规则变化ab型 can could shall should will would may mightaaa型cost cost costcut cut cuthit hit hithurt hurt hurtlet let letmust must mustput put putset set setshut shut shutread read readaab型beat beat beatenaba型become

英语不规则动词过去式、过去分词表 (1)AAA型(动词原形、过去式、过去分词同形) cost(花费) cost cost cut(割) cut cut hit(打) hit hit hurt 伤害) hurt hurt let(让) let let put(放) put put read (读) read read (2) AAB型(动词原形与

直接加ed 或 d look ----looked listen----listened watch-----watched like-----liked love-----loved 变y为 i 加ed study------studied 不规则 get----got find----found think-----thought come-----came feel-------felt go----went fight-----fought fall-----fell see-------saw do--

原式 过去式 过去分词(past participle) go went gone come came come see saw seen do did done watch watched watched get got gotten(或got) have had had use used used buy bought bought listen listened listened draw drew drawn paint

动词过去式,过去分词不规则变化 AB型 can could shall should will would may might AAA型 cost cost cost cut cut cut hit hit hit hurt hurt hurt let let let must must must put put put set set set shut shut shut read read read AAB型 beat beat beaten ABA型

are的过去式 wereis 的过去式wasrun的过去式ranfly的过去式flewmiss的过去式missedask的过去式 askedwonder的过去式wondered望采纳~~


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