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Example There are many arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of examination.Some people think examination is the only best way to test how examinees have mastered what they have studied and it is the only measurement for

1. a lot of examinees complained of the large reading load by citing the statistics complan 应该是 complained 或者 examinees' complanation大量的考生通过引用统计数据抱怨阅读量太大.2. They are in trapped by the designers of the test他们陷入了出题者(设置)的陷阱里.

翻译:补考(美式用语)或者化妆品测试. 分析: 这是一个名词短语,中心词是test,前面make-up由连字符组成了一个名词短语,做定语修饰后面的中心词. make-up (定语)test (中心名词). make-up :n. 化妆品;(美)补考;性格;构

Someone says examination can help us go over our lessons in time and after the examination we can find how we are getting on with our studies. But we are always having too many examinations and they are also too difficult for us to get through.

fail [fl; fil] 《源自古法语“缺乏”的意思》不及物动词1 a. <人、东西>失败,受挫( ←→ succeed) We tried but ~ed.我们尝试过,可是失败了 You can't ~.你不能失败 b. [在某方面] 失败[in] ~ inbusiness 生意失败 I ~ed in persuading him.我未能

Since school comes into being, the test standard has been used to appraise performance of students. So far it is still being used, which may suggest that actually there are some advantages in it. However, it is also highly possible that the test

my opinion on exam Examination has always been the fairest way of testing and estimating students' academtic potentials. It is indispensible because it provides a level playingground for all the testtakers; one is not underpriviledged if one comes

1. Exams are primitive methods of testing the students' knowledge and ability. They do more harm than good to the students, the teachers, education itself and the whole society.2. Many exams are not scientifically designed, but are subjective

答案:A;D;A;B;B解析: 1.A 导文中说,教育改革要逐步实行,(step by step),故选A.政府允许私立学校的存在,故B不对.大学生越来越多的原因是扩大招生,故C不对


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