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poker faca

I Am Sorry - Martha Wainwright I'm sorry I yelled at you About the baby's clothes About the car on fire About love The seven year itch Is quite a bitch it's true But believe me, I don't lie I love you And we can make it If you don't break it It's up to you When

难道是 wake up 倪安东 前面一大段英文 hi歌

something in the water 楼上那几个知道个屁.


只有一首是中间一个女人唱的dododododo 《I do》Colbie Caillat


Colbie Caillat 演唱的歌曲 《I Do》,歌词:歌名:I Do歌手:Colbie Caillat It's always been about me, myself and II thought relationships were nothing but a waste of timeI never wanted to be anybody's other halfI was happy stayin' out of love wouldn'

ode to my family-the cranberries以下为歌词Doo,doo,doo,doounderstand the things i saydon t turn away from mecause i ve spent half my life out thereyou wouldn t disagreedo you see me do you see do you likemedo you like me standing theredo

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