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dieting: [ 'daiti ] n. (肥胖者为减轻体重而进行的)节食例句与用法: 1. Please can we get off the subject of dieting? 我们别讨论节食了行吗? 2. No sugar in my coffee, please; I'm dieting. 请不要给我的咖啡放糖,我在节食. 3. He's going in for dieting. 他要养成节食习惯. 4. I'm not one of those people who go in for dieting. 我不是那种习惯于限制饮食的人.

For many women struggling to keep slim, dieting can seem to last a lifetime.We know it's easy to say, but you'll soon start to see and feel the benefits of dieting, providing you keep at it.Proper dieting can not only help a person lose ugly excess fat,

crash dieting节食例句:1.Crash dieting causes the hypothalamus in the brain to slow the body's metabolism andstore energy more efficiently. 速成式的节食方式使得大脑中的丘脑减缓了人体的新陈代谢,还更有效地储存了能量.

是diet diet [dait] n. 日常饮食 规定饮食 vt. & vi. (使)节制饮食 he is dieting. 他在节食.

inherent dangers固有的危险inherent 英[nhrnt] 美[nhrnt] adj. 天生; 固有的,内在的; [例句]Stress is an inherent part of dieting.节食必定会带来压力.[其他] 形近词: adherent coherent abherent

1、dietn. 饮食;食物;规定饮食vi. 节食vt. [医] 照规定饮食n. (Diet)人名;(法)迪耶[ 过去式 dieted 过去分词 dieted 现在分词 dieting ]2、(1)n.(日常)食物,(日常)饮食,伙食;平时营养[比喻]精神食粮(为健康目的或增减体重规定的)特种

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Nowadays, many people go on a diet because of beauty. Especially for girls, they believe that they will look prettier after they lose weight. However, there are benefits as well as dangers of being on a diet.There are many benefits. People tend to eat


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