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Cross onE s minD 是什么意思

cross one's mind 突然有个想法 cross one's mind 突然有个想法; 例句: 1. Arguing to change someone's mind is one of them. 要改变一个人的心态就是这样的一种争论。

cross one's mind 想起;想到 To cross the threshold is not difficult and mastery, too, is possible provided one sets one's mind to the task and is good at learning. 入门既不难,深造也是办得到的,只要有心,只要善于学习罢了。 突然想起...

cross one's mind (念头等)出现在脑中,突来念头,领悟过来;想起[亦作 pass through one's mind] (念头等)出现在脑中,突然想起

英语造句; It didn't even cross my mind. 中文意思: 我想都没想它. (它根本就没进我脑子)。 It didn't even cross her mind. (把上述句子的“我”改成“她”.)

It didn't even cross my mind that he would get the first prize.


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