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cried 英[krad] 美[krad] v. 哭( cry的过去式和过去分词 ); 喊,叫; 叫卖,大声报道,哭着说; 鸣; [例句]He started crying and I cried too. You should have seen us他哭了起来,我也哭了,你真该看看我俩的样子.

cried 是cry 的过去式或者过去分词.cry:发音: / kra ; kra / 英 / kra /( past tense and past participle cried , present participle crying , third person singular cries )1 PRODUCE TEARS 流泪 [I,T] to produce tears from your eyes, usually because you are unhappy or hurt 哭,哭泣 Don't cry, Laura. It'll be OK.不要哭,劳拉,没事的.

“妈妈没提到过我们的钱,她并不希望我们放弃圣诞节该得的快乐,我们每个人想买什么就买什么吧.你们说让我们弄点儿自己的乐趣出来,好吗?我敢说我们已经干得够多了,弄点儿乐趣也是咱们应得的”,乔一边说,一边像个绅士一样检查着自己的鞋跟. 要结合语境去翻译,此处是大喊的意思

cried 英 [krad] 美 [krad] v.哭( cry的过去式和过去分词 ); 喊,叫; 叫卖,大声报道,哭着说; 鸣 真人发音请点击页面小喇叭 http://www.iciba.com/cried

criedKK: []DJ: [](cry的过去式和过去分词)

cried: [ kraid ] 哭,哭泣,叫喊,流泪cry的过去式(分词)


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