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用法类似face 和be faced with.confront一般用主动.sth confront sb/sb confront sth都可以.sb is confronted with sth.

confront [kEn5frQnt] vt 面对;面临;遭遇 to confront danger (勇敢地)面对危险 (与with连用)使面对;使面临 I am confronted with many difficulties. 我面临很多困难. Only when the police confronted her with evidence did she admit that she

confront和confront with在用法上的区别: 1.confront一般用主动.sth confront sb/sb confront sth都可以 2.sb is confronted with sth. confront [英][knfrnt][美][knfrnt] vt.面对; 使面对面,使对质; 碰到,遇到; 比较; 第三人称单数:

encounter一般面对或遭遇的都是不好的 confront 指勇敢的面对

题目中的lose one's heart是错的,表示“面对暂时的问题” 呵呵 那么你的老师给的答案错咯 必须明确confront的用法,和face接近 当confront作为"面对"的时候:sb. confront sth. be confronted with sth:此处有介词with) 题目已经有with了,你只能使用被动,也就是b选项的confronted (呃 那个再罗嗦一下. 某人直面某物(注意:绝对不能加介词with) 当confront作为“使面对”的时候: confront sb. with sth. 使某人面对某事 sb. 某人直面某物 (注意正确答案是b啊 when confronted with 作状语

confront sb with sth使面对,使对质,使对证; 以上结果来自金山词霸confront[英][knfrnt][美][knfrnt]vt.面对; 使面对面,使对质; 碰到,遇到; 比较; 第三人称单数:confronts过去分词:confronted现在进行时:confronting过去式

及物动词 vt. 1.迎面遇到;面临;遭遇The soldiers were confronted by two terrorists as they left their camp. 士兵们离开营房时,迎面遇到两个恐怖分子.2.勇敢地面对;正视;对抗confront danger 勇敢地面对危险3.使面对;使遭遇;使对质[(+

你好!confront比较正式些,而face就是口语常用语.例如: 1. write academically: confront the possibility of failure 2. speak informally: will possibly face failure 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

confront [kn'frnt] vt.1. 使面对,使面临;出现在…面前:the next big issue confronting the workers is the question of wages.摆在工人面前的第二大问题是工资问题.2. 对峙,对抗;面对;遭遇:we must confront the future with optimism.我们


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