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不及物动词 vi. 1.咯咯地笑;暗自发笑 They were chuckling over the photographs. 他们看着照片,咯咯地笑了起来. 2.(鸡)咕咕地叫 及物动词 vt. 1.轻声笑着表示 The father chuckled approval of what the son did. 父亲轻声笑着表示赞许儿子的所作所为. 名词 n. [C] 1.咯咯声;咕咕声 2.轻笑声;窃笑


In my life I have net many people who are really worth recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I've ever known is one of my Chinese language teachers. To many students, 'teacher” is just a word, I think. For me, however, it means


HAKUNAMATATA是非洲的斯瓦西里语,意思是无忧无虑的生活. hakuna--“没有”, tata--“烦恼”, ma--复数词缀 从此以后无忧无虑的意思 Hakunamatata,it means no worries ■经典台词如下:■ ■经典台词之一: ■翻译:一楼兄弟的翻

强壮的英文:strong 读音:英 [str] 美 [str] adj. 强烈的;坚强的;强壮的;强劲的;强大的;确凿的 词汇搭配: 1、strong baby 强壮的婴儿 2、strong man 壮汉 3、strong arms 壮实的手臂 4、strong body 健壮的身体 相关例句: 1、

Mr.Mills is our english teacher , and I/m very much impressed by his devotion to teaching . He always prepares his lessons well before class and acts out what he wants to teach in class . While he is teaching,he walks about, using his arms, hands

chuckles的意思详细释义双语例句词典释义n.轻声地笑( chuckle的名词复数 )v.轻声地笑( chuckle的第三人称单数 )数据来源:金山词霸双语例句1.This little letter gave us a fewchuckles, I can tell you说真的,我们看了这封短信都笑了.《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典

歌曲名:What A Day歌手:Nonpoint专辑:Ozzfest 2001 The Second MillenniumNonpoint - What A Day by:FarSeerSittin' on your ass all daythinkin' about your hangoverand the partyyou left your fuckin' keys at and had to beg fora ride from a

An Unforgettable Experience in my life In my life I have met many people who are really worth recalling. But perhaps the most unforgettable person I ever know is my English teacher. What frequently brings back memories of my school teacher is his


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