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不及物动词 vi. 1.咯咯地笑;暗自发笑 They were chuckling over the photographs. 他们看着照片,咯咯地笑了起来. 2.(鸡)咕咕地叫 及物动词 vt. 1.轻声笑着表示 The father chuckled approval of what the son did. 父亲轻声笑着表示赞许儿子的所作所为. 名词 n. [C] 1.咯咯声;咕咕声 2.轻笑声;窃笑


smile [smail] n. 微笑,喜色 v. 微笑,喜色 1. She smiled at me. 她向我微笑. 2. Her smile makes her even more beautiful. 她的微笑使她更美丽了. 3. The woman in this painting has a pensive smile. 这幅画上的女人脸上露出忧郁的微笑. 4. A

He gave a look as much as to say "Mind your own business!"他摆出一副好像是说“不用你管!”似的面孔He gave me one look as much as to say,"Well done,David!"and off he set again at his top speed.他看了我一眼,仿佛是说:“大卫,干得好Li Yu-ting chuckled as much as to say,"Think it over" and walked off.李玉亭格格地笑着,似乎说“你斟酌罢”,就转身走了.

轻松自如的一笑:Someone chuckled. Alex responded with an easy smile.有人笑出声来,亚历史斯也就抒以轻松自如的一笑.善意的笑容:That bright face, that easy smile, that liquid voice, seemed to give life a holiday aspect.这么开朗的脸色,这么善意的笑容,这么清澈的语声,似乎使生活有了节日的气氛.

chick小鸡 chirp(像小鸟的唧唧声),也可以是chuck hen母鸡 chuck,下蛋后声音:cackle duck鸭子 quack pig猪 grunt(呼噜),dog 狗 bark,yap,yelp,bay,howl,growl,snarl,whine cat猫 mew,miaow,miau,meow,meou

"Are You Tutu"的意思是你是图图吗.1.B: Are you Tutu?你是兔兔吗?2. Are you Tutu?你是图图吗?3. Are you TuTu?你是兔兔吗?4. After Obama chuckled, Tutu added, " But I am glad you are black. " 奥巴马轻声笑了,图图又说,“但是我非常高兴你是年轻的黑人议员.”

An interesting thingLife is full of fun.Don't you think so?One day,i received a message"Hi,Cindy! I love you!" I was really confused because it was sent by a strange number. But the person kewn my name! Later, my friend sent me a message"

laugh 英 [lf] 美 [lf] v.发笑;笑;嘲笑 n.笑声;笑;笑料 用作动词 (v.) He could tell she was in a bad mood, and tried to laugh her out of it.他看出她心情不好,想逗她笑好让她不再想烦恼的事.It is natural to laugh when you are happy.高兴时

smile 微笑,满意而无声地笑 smile on sb.朝某人微笑 smile bitterly 苦笑 laugh 出声大笑 burst out laughing 放声大笑 fall about laughing [口]忍不住大笑 for laughs [美俚]为了取乐, 作为消遣, 借以开心 get the laugh at sb.(=get the laugh on one's side


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