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busy adj.忙碌的, 繁忙的[美](电话)占线的勤勉的, 专心致志的爱管闲事的(in)繁华的, 热闹的(图案)复杂的, 令人眼花缭乱的, 不和谐的a busy Sunday 一个忙碌的星期天a busy street 热闹的街道get a busy sign

be busy with+名词 be busy in doing与be busy with doing与be busy doing有什么区别 一般只有,be,busy,in,doing,sth=be,busy,doing,sth 这两个是一样的,in可以省略 类似的还有,spend,some,time,in,doing,sth=spend,time,doing,sth be,busy,with,doing,一般没有这个搭配,一般后面加名词

busy adj.忙碌的, 繁忙的 [美](电话)占线的 勤勉的, 专心致志的 爱管闲事的(in) 繁华的, 热闹的(图案)复杂的, 令人眼花缭乱的, 不和谐的 a busy Sunday 一个忙碌的星期天 a busy street 热闹的街道 get a busy signal 从(听筒中)听到

busy KK: [] DJ: [] a.1. 忙碌的,繁忙的[(+with/at/over)][(+in)][+v-ing] He is busy at work.他忙着工作.I am busy writing a novel.我正忙于写小说.Jean is busy with her work.琼忙于自己的工作.2. 充满活动的;热闹的 Yesterday I had a busy

busy [英]['bz][美][bzi] adj.忙碌的; 占线; 繁华的; 爱管闲事的; vt.忙着做某事; 使奔走; 使经营; n.〈英俚〉侦探; 包打听; 第三人称单数:busies过去分词:busied最高级:busiest现在进行时:busying比较级:busier过去式:

be busy at /with sth ;busy doing sth 忙于某事eg .she's busy with her preparation for tha party .get busy着手干eg.we'll have to get busy if we're going to be ready in time.be busy oneself with sth ;be busy onself doing sth 让自己忙于做某事be strict with sb /sth 对某人或某事严格

busy作形容词时意为“忙碌的;热闹的;正被占用的”,作动词时意为“使忙于”,作名词时意为“人名;(匈)布希;(法)比西”.短语搭配1、get busy忙碌;开始工作;2、busy with忙于…;3、so busy如此繁忙;4、busy in忙于…;5、busy

busy bus.y[`bIzI; bizi]形容词(bus.i.er; -i.est)1 a. 忙 (的) ,忙碌 (的)a ~ man忙人He keeps himself ~ to avoid thinking about her death.他使自己保持忙碌以免想到她的去世b. 没有空闲的,腾不出工夫的I'm ~ now.我现在腾不出工夫来get ~ (口

busy本身就有三个词性:adj.忙碌的;占线;繁华的;爱管闲事的 vt.忙着做某事;使奔走;使经营 n.〈英俚〉侦探;包打听 动词的例子:He busied himself with the camera他忙着摆弄那个相机.She busied herself getting towels ready她忙着把毛巾准备好.For a while Kathryn busied herself in the kitchen.凯瑟琳在厨房忙活了一会儿.


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