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BirDy的《1901》 歌词

1901-birdy Counting all different ideas drifting away 千万思绪随着时光飘然而逝 Past and present they don't matter 过往如今 宛如一梦 不再留恋 Now the future's sorted out 未来旅途已在我心静静梳理 Watch her moving in elliptical pa...


先看风格,伴奏简洁、曲调缓和略哀伤. 然后从歌词入手。 What You Want To Say Wait 'Til You Get Home Sick Of Communicating Over The Telephone Tell Me How You Feel For I Am Lonely Too 这一系列的短句,前四句共同表达沟通上的缺失,后两...

没死 就两口子闹变扭 女主是Helen George


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