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backdrop 布尔值 true 包括一个对话框背景元素. 另外 static(false情况) 背景下, 点击对话框外的区域不会关闭对话框.为true时,显示对话框的遮蔽背景,鼠标点击背景即可关闭对话框. 为false时,无背景.

没有这个单词,根据您的拼写来看,考虑应是:Mahe. Mahe [m:'hei] n. 马希;马埃(岛名) [例句]Mahe also provides a beautiful backdrop for a day at the spa. 马埃岛同时为在温泉浴室度过全天的人提供美丽的背景.

it was a backdrop painting 的意思是它是一幅背景画 在这里a 就是一幅的意思

We are going to a picnic in the park not far from our school on Wednesday next week. The scenery is pituresque because of the mountain backdrop. We are going to buy the

To meet the world expoThe world expo was held in Shanghai.It is the pride of - universal treasure,kyushu backdrop.The sea treasure characters lovely,distinct personality has

valley-inductor-current谷电感电流A wooded valley set against the backdrop of Monte Rosa罗莎峰背后树木繁茂的山谷

offer help提供帮助offer help提供帮助; 主动提供帮助双语例句1Against that backdrop, China has appeared reluctantto offer help, analysts said.分析人士说,有鉴于此,中国似乎不愿提供帮助.

take place和happen的区别有:1、事情发生的概率不同 happen和occur往往表示事情的发生带有偶然性,take place常指按计划“发生”,指必然会发生的事情.2、词汇搭配不同 take place表示“发生”,可与 happen 或occur换用,但其后面

a drop of water 一滴水双语例句:1.An individual is to a country what a drop of water is to the sea. 一个人对于他的国家来说,就如大海中的一滴水.2.I asked God for a rose & he gave me a garden. I ask God for a drop of water & he gave me an


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