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Spring Festival is the most important festival in China .It's to celebrate the lunar calendar 's new year .In the evening before the Spring Festival ,families get together and have a big meal .In many places people like to set off firecrackers .

应该是In the Spring Festival;at指的是在春节那一天,仅仅指着一天,而in指在春节期间,如从大年夜到初八,其中的任何时段.概括的说,一个是时间点,一个是时间段.至于那个冠词嘛,高考中规定的是民族特有的,农历的节日是要加the的

at指时间表示:较短暂的一段时间.可指某个节日或被认为是一年中标志大事的日子.如:He want home at spring festival(at New Year,at the Spring Festival,at night).他春节想在家过

根据具体语境 单独指春节那天用on或at 如果是一段长的假期可以用in 因为一般意义上,在一些节日名前(我国的节日前用定冠词 ): 我国节日:the Spring Festival春节 the Mid-Autumn Festival中秋节.

in spring festival的中文翻译 in spring festival 在春节 双语例句 1 The peaches can blossom in Spring Festival by flower forcing technique. 采用冬季催花技术,春节开花. 2 We paid for it since the call-back pay for the servants was expensive in

The Spring Festival is a very important festival in China.It's on the first day of the first lunar month.Before the Spring Festival,people have bought presents, like,meat, fruit,flowers drinks and somethings for themselves. The children are very happy

都可以,但是表达的与意思是不同的.in the Spring Festival指在春节期间,如从大年夜到初八,其中的任何时段.at the Spring Festival 指的是在春节那一天,仅仅指这一天.一般在带有festival的节日前用at,如 at the Spring Festival (在春节) 一般在带有day的节日前用 on,如 on New Year's Day (在元旦) 持续一段时间的节日前用at,如 at Christmas (在圣诞)

当然是:spring festival

In Spring Festival At Spring Festival On Spring Festival 在春节春节的春节 In Spring Festival At Spring Festival On Spring Festival 在春节春节的春节


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