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At onCE造句

I will go to turn off the lights at once 我立即去关灯 I will finish my homework at once 我立即去完成作业

Kids often go to school at the age of 5.I saw a man with an umbrella over there .What;s wrong with you ? I have a cold(fever).May I speak to Mike ? Wait a minute.Do it at once!

Everything happened at once. The view of the skyline is at once awesome, grand, and disappointing.所有的事都一起发生了.天边立刻呈现出令人敬畏的、壮丽的和令人沮丧的景色 Leave the room at once.马上离开这个房间

at once 英 [t wns] 美 [t wns] adv.立即; 一起; 同时; 立刻 立即; 立刻; 马上; 即刻 1. There was absolute mayhem when everyone tried to get out at once. 众人蜂拥而出,造成了极大的混乱. 来自《权威词典》 2. How dare you?Take

你好!As soon as I see food, I willhungry at once.如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

答案是:The car turned left all at once 小车突然转向左边 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

i lost myself in video games all at once

1.He balled of that problem at once. 他立刻处理了那个问题.2.James will be back at once, hang on. 詹姆斯马上就回来,别挂断电话.3.Let them do it at once. 让他们马上做这件事.

1 at once 马上,立刻 I will get up at once. 我马上就起床.She went home at once. 她马上就回家了.2 at a loss 亏本的;困惑不解的 They sold goods at a loss. 他们亏本卖掉了货物.He is now at a loss. 他现在很困惑.3 at last 最后,终于 He

at once是立即,立刻的意思 I ran to school at once.


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