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At ChristmAs DAy

on christmas day在圣诞节当天 at christmas 在圣诞节期间

My christmas day Today is Cristmas Day. I got up very early and helped my parents clean the rooms and make the bed. After breakfast my parents and I went shopping. My parents bought me a nice present - a lovely toy bear. At noon, we went to a

Christmas Day 圣诞节 2006-12-25 13:46:47 CRIENGLISH.com Thought for Today:I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst

表示“在圣诞节”有两种说法:at Christmas, on Christmas Day(注意两者在搭配上的差异).如:We had a good time at Christmas. 我们圣诞节过得很愉快.We had a party

看了网友的答案发现国内生活的人啥都不懂 Christmas 是指圣诞节,包括两个日子: Christmas eve & Christmas day> eve是 24号晚, 圣诞夜,次日才能称之为Christmas day 所以,christmas包括 Christmas day

at Christmas 在圣诞节(或圣诞期间) on Christmas day 在圣诞节那天(12月25日)

节日前一般不加冠词.如: christmas day 圣诞节 thanksgiving 感恩节national day 国庆节 但我国用 festival 构成的传统节日通常用定冠词:the spring festival 春节 / the mid-autumn festival.

"On Christmas day" is uesd as a phrase to indicate the specific date. However, "at christmas" is more concerned about this particular event, which is Christmas Day.

外国的圣诞假期就跟我们放国庆有7天一样有一段时间.Christmas指的是圣诞这一段时间.而Christmas Day指的是12月25号圣诞节这天.


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