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要道; 例句; 干线. 他们的动脉也显示出对血流变化的反应越来越灵活和迅速的迹象arteries[英]['rz]n.<解>:1:trz][美][':t动脉( artery的名词复数 ).Their arteries also showed signs of becoming more elastic and responsive to changes in blood flow

arteries是artery的复数形式.arteries n. 动脉artery n. 动脉; 主渠道; 干线, 要道 arteria n. 动脉

你好!atherosclerosis(动脉粥样硬化) can often lead to arteriosclerosis(动脉硬化).动脉粥样硬化是动脉硬化最常见的原因.但是它只是动脉硬化三种病理类型之一,其他两种包括中膜钙化(Mockeberg medial calcific sclerosis)和小动脉玻璃样变(arteriolosclerosis).如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

neck 英[nek] 美[nk] n. 颈,脖子; 衣领; 海峡; [地] 岩颈; vi. 搂着脖子亲吻,相拥互吻; 变狭窄; vt. 使变细; 与…搂著脖子亲吻; 割颈杀死; (家禽等) [例句]The arteries in his neck had become fatally congested.他颈动脉栓塞,危在旦夕.

从网络中看,虽然个别地方有coursc,但显然不是英语,如果作为英语,那肯定是course或courses的复数来用的.如:The course description(s) for the coursc(s) you intend to take at another institution. must accompany this form. course[k:s] n.

[:tri] 啊他瑞

英文解释:Nouna stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteriesatherosclerosis动脉粥样硬化双语对照词典结果:atherosclerosis[英][θrskl'rss][美][θro

Today, I was thinking, "what is my future career?Are you going to be a worker or a boss? "I've got my head full of ideasCareer, the career I want to be engaged in most is car washer.Why? I like cars so much that I want to wash themAuto workers,

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