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appeal ['pil] [词典释义]vi. 1. 呼吁,恳求[(+to/for)][+to-v] 2. 诉诸,求助[(+to)] 3. 有吸引力,迎合爱vt. 1. 【美】将上诉,对上诉 n. 1. 呼吁,请求[(+to/for)] 2. 吸引力,感染力 3. 上诉 4. 诉诸裁判 [网络释义]appeal 1.呼吁,恳求,

不及物动词 vi. 1.呼吁,恳求[(+to/for)][+to-v] He appealed to me for help. 他向我求援. He appealed to his friends for support. 他请求朋友支持. 2.诉诸,求助[(+to)] We will appeal to a great variety of sources of information. 我们将求助于多种

appeal to sb.to do sth 请求(呼吁)某人做某事 appeal to[英][pi:l tu:][美][pil tu] 诉诸武力; 向…投诉; 向…呼吁; 对…有吸引力; 例句:1.these securities could appeal to domestic investors, particularly prospective retirees. 这些证券可能会吸引国内投资者,尤其是即将退休的人.2.nor does it appeal to the bloggers in beijing. 它对北京的博主们也没有吸引力.

appeal to : 呼吁,恳求 | 诉诸,诉请裁决(或证实等) | 上诉

appeal vi1.呼吁, 要求 appeal to sb for sth.为某事向某人呼吁 appeal to sb to do sth 呼吁某人做某事 2 诉(诸),求助于 ~ to 3 (律)上诉 ~ to 4 有感染力,有吸引力 sth ~ to sb vt 控诉,把(案子)上诉 n. 呼吁,要求 an appeal to sb 告.书 make an appeal to sb (for sth) (为某事)向某人提出呼吁. 感染力,号召力 hold an appeal to sb adj. appealing adv. appealingly

其具体用法可以概括为: 1.appeal to sb/sth against sth上诉,申诉. eg.the company is appealing against the ruling. 公司正对判决提出申诉. 2.appeal to sb对……有吸引力,有感染力 eg.this game appeals to all ages. 这种设计吸引了各个年龄的人. 3.appeal to sb for sth呼吁,恳求 eg.the leader appealed to people for calm. 领导呼吁人们要冷静. 加油~~~

sb. is attacted by sth./sth.attracts sb.sth. appeals to sb.均表示某人被某物吸引即appeal无被动语态不知道这样你是否可以理解望采纳,谢谢

appeal ['pi:l]基本翻译n. 呼吁,请求;吸引力,感染力;上诉;诉诸裁判vt. 将…上诉,对…上诉vi. 呼吁,恳求;上诉;诉诸,求助;有吸引力,迎合爱好;(体育比赛中)诉诸裁判网络释义appeal:上诉|呼吁|申诉appeal for:魅力|请求|吸引力Appeal Board:上诉委员会|上诉小组|公务员事务

appeal n. 上诉; 呼吁; [体育] 诉请; (迫切的) 要求(帮助、同情等)恳求; vi. (迫切) 要求; 有吸引力; 求助(于); 提请注意; vt. 将…移交上级法院审理; [例句]This is not another appeal for famine relief.这不是为赈济饥荒的又一次募捐.[其他] 第三人称单数:appeals 复数:appeals 现在分词:appealing 过去式:appealed 过去分词:appealed


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