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英语写作中,表达“在我看来”常用的短语有五种哦1、From my perspective2、in my opinion3、 from my point of view4、from my standpoint5、as far as I am concerned 这些短语在写议论文的时候都是很有用的,可以用这些短语作为连接,引出具体的观点,否则直接写出观点显得有点突兀.

in my opinion我的观点是, I think 我认为

你好!我的观点,想法是 My point is 在我看来In my pinion,..For my money,我认为I think其实上面这些说法是共通的,一个意思~^^如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

Personally,I thinkI'd say thatAs I see itI think/believe/feel thatIt seems to me thatIn my opinionAs far as I am concernedThe point I'm making isI'd like to point out thatAlthough I'm not 100% sure,I still think thatWell,I don't know,but I'm

1、In my opinion2、In my point of view3、according to my point4、Personally,I think5、I suppose that, 例句:1、Well he's not making a very good job of it in my opinion.然而,在我看来,这件事他做得不尽如人意.2、In my point of view, I

您好,在xx看来用 in one"s opinion in one"s view as one"s see it, 这些词组都可以,有不懂的可以继续提问,希望能帮助到你,祝你学习更上一层楼,满意的话就采纳我为最佳答案吧~

He spent the day in reading a book.这句话中,reading a book为动名词短语,做in的宾语;若去掉in,就成为:He spent the day reading a book.这句话中,reading a book为现在分词短语,做spent的伴随状语.这就是实质所在,你可以以此类推了.

in my opnion/ in my point of view/ to me/ as far as I'm concerned/ as far as I can see/ if you ask me/ to the best of my belief 用得比较多的就这些.请参考.

in my opinionfrom my point of viewaccording to my pointas far as I can see/as far as I am concernedin my point of viewPersonally,I thinkI suppose that,I maintain that,..In my view,

呵呵,你可以用 : from my (sb.)point of view , 如果这个人是名人,就直接 sb. put it 如果是总所周知的, 可以用: as we all know(比较口语) it is well known that………… there is no doubt that.

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