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与For有关的短语有哪些?比如Ask For之类的?

look for 寻找 take for granted 想当然 go for a walk 散步 fight for 为什么而战 act for 代替

1、ask an advice征求意见 2、ask an excuse请求原谅 3、ask an name问姓名 4、ask a price要价 5、ask a question提问 6、ask a reason问原因 7、ask time问时间 8、ask a way问路 9、ask loud大声地问 10、ask too much要价太高 词语用法: 1...

没有,ask sb to help

Ask for one week's leave,请一周的假。 同义词组: Take a week off. Ask for one week off.

1.ask about (1)释义 询问,打听; 打探 (2)例句 Lastly, I would like to ask about your future plans. 最后,我想问一下你未来的计划。 2.ask at ask的规定搭配中无此短语。 3.其他的ask短语 (1)ask after sb 问候某人(的健康) They all ask...

这是一个省略的词组ask sb for help

不知道你想问的是什么意思? ask后面接定冠词还是不定冠词是由语境和语义决定的,比如: He asked the old man who stood in front of him how to get to the post office. (特指,用定冠词the) 他问那个站在他前面的老人怎么去邮局。 He asked ...

provide sb with sth

准确的是 look for sb./sth. ask sb. for sth. ask for 中省略了sb。而look for就是一个词组,就是韦伯斯特来都改不了 补充:你说的work in 和 study in 只是普通的搭配,在哪家学校上学,在哪家公司上班,注重在……中,当然用in啦,比如work in...

1. 对……怜悯2. 任由……摆布3. 请求宽恕4. 真是万幸5. showed mercy to 6. mercy 7. at the mercy of 8. begged for mercy


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