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look for 寻找 take for granted 想当然 go for a walk 散步 fight for 为什么而战 act for 代替

You can have it for what it cost me. 只要付了我买它时的价钱,您就可以得到它。 have it for 其中的for表示【买卖交换】的意思,又如:pay for 如果我的回答对你有帮助,请及时采纳,谢谢!

“对——”的意思。不同语境有不同具体含义。 与 have for 相关的例句: To have charity for. 对…的慈爱 To have importance for. 对…有重大关系 You have to answer for what you have said. 你必须为你说的话负责。 have for one's benefit. 拥有...

longing 是动词 long (期盼/渴望) 的现在分词或动名词,与介词 for 搭配表示渴望或憧憬某事,如 He is longing for the good old days. (他渴望着重度昔日的美好时光)

for example英 [fɔ: iɡˈzɑ:mpl] 美 [fɔr ɪɡˈzæmpəl] 例如, 譬如;拿 ... 来说 例句: Have they, for example, demonstrated a commitment to democracy? 例如,他们是否已表现出会致力于民主? For example...

depend on sb 是依耐某人 Children depend on their parents for food and clothing. 小孩依赖他们的父母供给衣食。 A lot will depend on how she responds to the challenge. 在很大程度上将取决於她对这一难题的反应。 depend on sb. to do s...

for一般用来表原因,we have a nice dinner for every dish is tasty, 就可以翻译成我们吃了一顿愉快的晚餐,因为每个菜都很好吃。

for sale 是词组一, for 是介词 ,加上后面的名词sale 构成了介词短语。意思是:出售

1.be good for 意思是:对……有好处 用法: I was thinking it would be good for bob. 我原来一直认为这对鲍勃有好处。 2.be good with 意思是:灵巧的;与……相处得好 用法: He must be good with kids. 他必须跟孩子相处得好。 3.be good to ...

for 的用途相当广泛,它的具体意思是:为了(。。。。目的)eg:Just for you .(只为了你)under的意思是“在。。。。的下面”,比如说:under the table (在桌子下面)


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