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get to come to go to want to would like to hate to

tried out 根据题目意思:Tim昨天参加了校足球队的选拔。可知,此处应用固定短语搭配try

depend on sb 是依耐某人 Children depend on their paren

一、As for 读音: 英 [æz fɔ:] 美 [&

1、get used to 1)释义:习惯于… 2)例句 Get used to the ide

longing 是动词 long (期盼/渴望) 的现在分词或动名词,与介词 for 搭配表示渴望或

答:for:as ~ 就。。。而论;至于 ~ ever 永远

短语provide sb. with sth. 与provide sth. for sb.意思相同,

make believe 假装 make it 及时到达;成功 make love (t

.动词+about speak/talk about谈论 think about思考 c


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