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年轻的英文有young,youthful,youthy,beardless,juvenility,juvenscence,您看下有没有一个正好是您要的歌名.据我所知,有一首英文歌曲叫《so young》,还有《云水谣》里陈坤演唱的插曲《One day when we were young当我们年轻时》

all by myself?

歌曲:so young歌手:the corrs 专辑:talk on cornersyeah yeah yeah yeah yeahwe are taking it easybright and breezy, yeahwe are living it upjust fine and dandy, yeahwe have been comming aheadalready so much daywe are spending all of our

I've been letting you down downGirl I know I've been such a foolGiving into temptationI should have played it coolThe situation got out of handI hope you understandIt can happen to anyone of usAnyone you think ofAnyone can fallAnyone can hurt


Yesterday once more昨日重现,第一句就是:when I was young(当我年轻的时候)

Boom - Simple Plan In a world full of heart ache 在这个满是心伤的世界 Seems like everyone's burning out 似乎每个人的爱火都已殆烬 You and me we did it our way 你和我 我们依然我行我素 And this love ain't running out 这份爱并非就此终结 We

Yeah - Usher Yeah Ok! Lil' Jon!Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah Yeaah Yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeaah I'm in the club with my homies Tryna get a lil V-I keep it down on the low key Cause you know how it feels I said shorty she was checkin up on me


What Makes You BeautifulOne DirectionYou're insecure你感到不安Don't know what for不知道要做什么You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or当你走过门口的时候你华丽地转身Don't need makeup不需要化妆To cover up来掩饰


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