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Here with you(与你同在)

Here with you To all my friends 对我所有的朋友来说 The night is young 夜还未央 The music's loud 音乐还未停止 They playing our song 他们演奏着我们的歌

here with you

歌曲我不清楚 不过我帮你写出对应的英文 看看有谁知道不 tonight, every young

If We Were a Movie 播放 歌手:Miley Cyrus 语言:英语 所属专辑:Disney Karaoke Series: Hannah Montana 3 发行时间:2009-10-13

nicki minaj---the night is still young


Somebody New - Matt Wertz I gave you every reason You told me give it time It seems just like we always had the right words Never the rhyme I cried you seven oceans But my tears couldn't make you see I finally realized I'm not ...

《怜音赋》(为《樱花厉魂》而写) 词:醉无伤 风吹紫竹林 演唱:风吹紫竹

Asher Book - To all my friends 对我所有好友来讲 The night is young 夜未央 The music's loud 乐未殇 They playing our song 他们在我们喜爱的歌声里欢畅 Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you我只想和你在此相伴,不想去任何其他...


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