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用issuE sB with sth造句

造句: They will issue the new members with a temporary identity card. 他们将给新成员配发临时身份卡。 issue的用法: issue的用法1:issue的基本意思是“如同从母体降生般出现并生存下来”。通常译作“使书等出版、发行”,尤指“使…流出,放出,...

形容词: issueless 名词: issuer 动词过去式: issued 动词过去分词: issued 动词现在分词: issuing 动词第三人称单数: issues

plead with sb for后加动词的名词形式:doing,因为for是介词,介词后面加名词 举例一: ask for a favour; plead with sb. 求情 举例二: Lose one's love for sb.; Be out of love with sb. 失去对某人的爱。 举例三: Go, hurry, and plead w...



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