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如果是口号,只要一个字就可以了,不要逐字地去翻译,那样就成了中式 innovative

以人为本,敢于创新,勇猛精进 People-oriented, innovative, strong 重点词汇释义 以人为本people oriented; people foremost 敢于dare to; be bold in; have the courage to; venture 创新innovate; bring forth new ideas; blaze new trails;...

The courage to bear beyond the courage, the courage to innovate in order to overcome the hard times

请问"质量为本、信誉为重、勇于创新、再创辉煌"这句话怎么翻译成英语? 不能直译,参考如下: Pay high attention to quality and credibility; Be adventurous and achieve more successes. 全是我自己来的,还算专业,若帮到了你,记得采纳哦-,0

has an excellent managing team with senior aviation background, profound experience and creativity.

追求卓越,勇于创新,团队合作,诚实诚信,以人为本,服务社会Pursues remarkably, dares to innovate, team cooperation, honest good faith, humanist, service society



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