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英语作文BEtty's room50字

My mother`s job Hello,everybody! I am so glad to introduce my mother`s job. Well, she`s a reporter and she works in a TV station. She meets all kinds of people every day. She always asks them questions and talks with them.She t...

小题1:B小题2:A小题3:B小题4:A小题5:C 试题分析:这篇短文主要讲述了Betty房间里的两张照片。一张是她父亲和他兄弟的照片。另一张是她和母亲的照片。小题1:细节理解题。根据文中描述This is Betty’s bedroom这是Betty的卧室。而不是Richard,故...

Betty is playing___table tennis____(table tennis/violin) in the room. violion是小提琴 table tennis是乒乓球 play+乐器前要加the,而球类前就不要。 祝你学习快乐 O(∩_∩)O哈哈~


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